VAIDHA, a legal forum created by law students, wants to provide the best to its fellow fraternity. We want to offer opportunities that we students don't easily find, and if provided, we take time to grasp or understand them. VAIDHA, in this new endeavor, would like to provide the same forsaken help of Research and public speaking to students through membership.

This membership will be monetized cause the idea is to provide the best of all worlds whether in terms of research or oratory skills. The best  involves master classes from professionals and use of applications which is highly valued for upskilling in today's world. But from our end  we will try to keep the price optimum so that maximum students can utilize this opportunity.




  • Developing research paper from scratch

  • Understanding the process of construction of an article and a research paper

  • Structuring of  Research Papers.

  • Collection of data for content of an article or research paper

  • plagiarism checking and correcting the plagiarism found

  • Help with Creation of all forms of Citations

  • Help with Article Writing Competitions


*The help provided will suffice the guidelines of publication in UGC graded or Scopus journal and will help in publishing in one among them.


PRICE- Rs.50



1.  All Research help benefits will be provided

2. Training for debate , client counselling and moot court competitions through:-

  •     Mock Competitions

  •     Help with formation of memorial

  •     One to one interactions and help from professionals

  •     Professionals of your choice and interest

  •     Frequent group activities through all time active and vibrant WhatsApp group

  •    Special webinars  and masterclasses of their choice for the members

PRICE- Rs 150



1.All Subscribers  will get to publish an article in VAIDHA.
2. The subscription will be valid from the day subscribed until the period of 1 month and can be subscribed again.
3. The subscribers will be given priority in every event or program  organized by VAIDHA.

4.  The subscription is not refundable

5. Your privacy is our priority and won't be  carried out  or marketed  without your consent.

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