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  1. ‘Academic Program shall mean a program of courses and/or any other component leading to any of the online certificate courses.

  2. ‘Learner’ shall mean a candidate admitted to the online certificate course available on VAIDHA.



VAIDHA alone shall own all right, title, including all related Intellectual Property Rights, in and to the course, the Content and the Service and any suggestions, ideas, enhancement request, feedback, recommendations or other information relating to the academic program



  1. The Academic Program shall comprise textual/video materials/exams and/or other components decided by VAIDHA.

  2. The content of the Academic Program is accessible from the website of VAIDHA, which is a secure academic legal website.



  1. The Academic Program content would be available to the admitted Learners for one month from the date on which the program access was provided. The Academic Program material could only be accessed beyond the specified time if subscribed again by paying the required amount.

  2. The material provided for the Academic Program would not be available to download unless specifically allowed; while it is assured that the material provided would be sufficient for user understanding.



  1. Any circumvention of technological methods or encryptions or digital rights management systems to access, print, or download content will be liable to be prosecuted under applicable laws. The course is licensed only to the Learner of the academic program; sharing of login details with any other person is not permitted. Any such attempt will lead to immediate disconnection and removal from course, notwithstanding anything else in this agreement.  

  2. The Learner will use the course for personal use and will not share the same with anyone else. Any public dissemination of course material will be a violation of the copyright of the course provider.

  3. VAIDHA can adopt procedures, rules, and Regulation at any point of time during the course, which might be necessary to maintain academic standards and to ensure the secure delivery of content, even though it might adversely affect an individual or a particular group of Learners.

  4. In the interest of transparency, the name and image of all our alumni will be displayed on our course website so that anyone can verify any claim as to whether a person who claims to be our student or alumni is actually our student or alumni. The Learner agrees with this condition and assigns any rights needed by the course provider to do so.



  1. Students and professionals from all years, branches, and backgrounds are free to apply for the courses unless criteria for eligibility are explicitly mentioned in the Academic Program brochure or the website.

  2. If the Learners enroll when they do not match the eligibility criteria, their fees will be refunded.



Cases regarding reported plagiarism and the use of Unfair Means in the examination shall not be tolerated VAIDHA would provide a penalty that the Learners agree to follow.



A Learner shall be awarded the Certificate if;

1.  He/She has enrolled himself/herself has undergone the course of studies, completed the entire course as     specified in the curriculum within the stipulated time and secured the minimum marks or the grade specified for a course, and

2. There are no dues outstanding in his/her name. 



The additional perks provided in the Academic Program by VAIDHA would only be valid    or available during the specified duration of the course that is three months from the date on which the program access was provided.



Hereby you are granting VAIDHA Law Journal rights to use your name, photograph, videos, and any work you produce as part of coursework to promote the course in a reasonable and truthful manner. You are hereby authorizing us that the assignments submitted by you if found to be of sufficiently high quality, may be published in journals and blogging platforms in your name to showcase the work of our students and alumni. You also agree that VAIDHA will have an unlimited and unrestricted (in terms of geography and time) license to publish the works produced by you during your participation in the course for the promotion of the course.



The fee is not refundable once admission is confirmed. In deserving cases, we can give some credits that can be used within our portal at our discretion. In case of any difficulty or feedback, please write to our support team at In most cases, we have gone to extraordinary lengths to support Learners and incorporate their feedback.



All disputes arising out of these terms and conditions and use of Academic Program must be subject of courts in Keonjhar in exclusion of all other courts.



Notwithstanding anything stated in this Regulation for any unforeseen issues arising and not covered by this Regulation, or in the event of differences of interpretation, the founder of  VAIDHA may take a decision as he/she may deem fit. The decision of the founder shall be final.



Notwithstanding anything contained herein, VAIDHA may amend and implement the rules, whenever required, in the interest to maintain the standard of academics and any process related to admission or delivery of content.

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