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Recruitment Cell  is a step to help and support legal students and recruiters in this time of chaos when finding desired opportunities and recruiting suitable candidates has become an arduous task. The cell is doing this by finding and solving the problems of the students  from the grassroot level. The issues identified by the cell has been divided into some primary questions. Problems Include:-




Where to find good opportunities?

If found, how to get selected?

(Most important question)

Is this opportunity right for me and my career?

How to make the opening reach to larger and suitable candidates?

If found, How to select the best and suitable candidate among the hundreds?

How should I plan my profile and my CV?

Is my CV format correct?

The cell provides assistance to the students guiding them with best legal internships, courses, webinars and workshopsThe cell aspires to solve this above mentioned key issues by helping and providing  utmost assistance to the students and recruiters.




The cell is active from December, 2021 and in this past few months we have successfully assisted law students from NLU's and predominantly Non-NLU's.  Other than this we have been also helping  and updating  more than six thousand law students regarding various legal opportunities which we do daily through various social media platforms . Furthermore, the students not only get assisted for career opportunities but if required we also help them through legal research and writing.




We collaborated with Vaidha Legal for hiring interns for our internship program. The process was smooth and they delivered what they promised. We're so glad to have joined hands with Vaidha. Looking forward to more such collaborations.

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