The membership plan will help the learners with services like -

  • Help in selection of research topic

  • Finding proper resources for their research paper

  • Structuring their research paper

  • Providing plagiarism check and rectifying the plagiarized sources

  • Proofreading their research paper

  • Publication of research paper

  • Providing them with help through co- authorship

  • Teaching and helping them with various other form of writing  like book reviews

       case commentaries, moot memoirs and many more



  • Orientation Session in Video Format. 

  • One to one discussions from the founders of VAIDHA

  • Doubt clearing sessions 

  • Free publications in VAIDHA

  • Recruitment cell services*

  • Access to VAIDHA'S Forum

  • Connect and understand from a professional on a topic of your(the learners) choice

  • Customizable services and course plan according the need and requirement of the member.



In this monthly membership we would be focusing on members who are :-

  • having basic understanding of legal research

  • interested in upskilling their legal research or

  • who are good in research and want our help in making it better or develop . 

  • professionals interested in acquiring the knowledge can also join this program


 The basic objective of this membership is by the end of the program the learner should be able to write a flawless research paper having basic and must required fundamental knowledge and skills. The research paper of the learner would be published in a reputed UGC graded national or international journal with VAIDHA's help.

* Check the recruitment cell plan to understand the services provided therein. The recruitment cell plan is attached to this membership. Thus, the learner who takes this monthly membership does not have to pay extra for the same.

* The membership plan would be personalized as per the choice or requirement of the learner.

*If  a learner is not interested in utilizing all services provided under this membership plan they can personalize their plan as per their individual interest  or even can consider specific services  customizing the services according to their need.





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Three Months

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