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Durga puja pandals to be a no entry zone: Calcutta HC

20th October, 2020

Durga puja pandals to be a no entry zone: Calcutta HC

The Calcutta HC on Monday (19th October) with the bench consisting of Justice Arijit Banerjee and Sanjib Banerjee delivered a significant order, in public Interest, the HC has declared that all pandals related to Durga Puja, shall be made no-entry zones for members of the public. The judges hearing the COVID protocol from the petitioner who had applied the public interest and that if there would be Durga Puja then no one would maintain distance and automatically it would lead to problems in this COVID time said petitioner and he also stated that restrictions should be introduced by the state government to ensure that there should not be the crowding.
Lastly, listening to this the court said that “The local police regulating the conduct of traffic and law and order in and around the pandals should ensure the strict compliance with the directions contained herein. The Commissioner of Kolkata police and director-general of police, West Bengal will file affidavits, indicating compliance with the directions contained therein.
Such affidavits should be emailed to the registrar- general by November 5, 2020” and it also stated that it is a matter of concern that the state finds the directions onerous.

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