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Plea seeking directions to hold apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. for spreading fake news: SC

31st October, 2020

Plea seeking directions to hold apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. for spreading fake news: SC

For striving paths to the Centre to phrase laws for criminal litigation of persons included in circulating hate and fake news through social media, a public interest litigation plea has filed in the Supreme Court.
The appeal made by advocate Vineet Jindal through advocate on record Raj Kishore Choudhury asserts that country has beheld surplus of combined violence in the past. Still, in the latter scenario with the inception of social media, these aggressions are not just constrained to the provincial or local population, the entire county is taken forth.
The plea insisted that “the fog of rumours, imputation and hate that act as igniting in a local communal conflict instantly spread across India through social media this has lessened the social extent between the local communal dispute and the National communal polarisation”.
An appeal has strived different laws to restrain content on social media platforms and also for those criminal prosecutions of persons who are involved in circulating these fakes news through social media.
The pleader has defended that social media has been playing a detrimental role in provoking communal violence in India, and it is a course of grim suspicion to assess its mishandling.
The petition enhanced that “Social networking sites are a peril to national protection as they are used as instruments for drug trafficking, money laundering, and match-fixing, terrorism and instigating violence and for rumour tools, etc.”

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