Manuscripts submitted for publication must be plagiarism free. Author(s) is/are required to ensure that their work is original , unique and the liability for plagiarized content shall be on the author(s).

By submitting their work to the journal, the author(s) declare and certify that:

  • The manuscript submitted for publication is the original work of the author(s) and has neither been published before nor is currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.

  • The author(s) is/are well informed that plagiarism is stealing some other person’s work and projecting it as their own work.

  • The author(s) is/are well aware that plagiarism is wrong and is not accepted by VAIDHA.

  • The author(s) have duly acknowledged the work/idea of any other person (if used) from any source in their research and the same has been mentioned in references with proper citation.

  • The author(s) take full responsibility for plagiarized content submitted by them.


VAIDHA uses registered plagiarism checker software to ensure the originality of the submission and it reserves the right to reject any submission which contains plagiarized content.

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