An Insightful Conversation with Madam Seema Buckshee Founder Director of Manjhi Foundation.

Interview by- Atishree Gupta

1. Please introduce your NGO to our readers by explaining the subject of its working?

Ans- We are Manjhi Development Foundation for Skilling and we work with the lesser privileged to enable them to learn income generating skills.

2. The Pandemic COVID-19 has taken over the world like wildfire. How has it affected the working of your NGO and what initiative has your organization taken to pacify the clutter during the lockdown?

Ans-The NGO Skilling programmes were shut during the lockdown. However, we actively distributed food, PPE Kits, and masks to many government hospitals in Mumbai. We were featured on NDTV for marketing and distribution of our work.

3. Manjhi Skilling Foundation’s “SAKSHAM” project where young women and girls nurture their talent. How much has this initiative affected the girls of that territory and at large?

Ans- We are a young NGO and our Project Saksham was just completing one year in March when the lockdown began. The women in Project Saksham have tasted Independence and seen how their products bring in rave reviews. It has impacted their confidence levels for sure.

4. How has your organization’s project “SAMARTH” helped the women and young girls in finding job opportunities?

Ans-The confidence and skills they have imbibed will help them find job opportunities once the situation normalises.

5. Can you elaborate on your foundation’s project “ART”?

Ans-Project Art is about nurturing artistic talent in street children and young adults. They are very talented but often told to focus on more lucrative jobs. Training them and helping them sell paintings in our circles, we showed them that art can be monetised and is a viable profession.

6. What are the other initiatives that your Foundation has planned for future?

Ans- We are planning Project Rozgaar where we will undertake various initiatives to be the bridge between the unemployed and the corporates. We are also planning an Elder care para nursing initiative for the literate underprivileged.

7. If an individual is interested to provide your NGO with any kind of help, where and how can they do so?

Ans-The best way to do so would be to click on the Donate Now button on the website which directs you to our bank details. You can always reach out to me at 9920377244 as well. We are always in need of funds!