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A blog is a site on which people post to exchange their views about different topics. It is composed of unrelated diary-style text entries or posts. Posts are usually shown in order, such that the latest post is directed first at the top of the page. Blogs can be found anywhere on the web, and one needs only to search them online. They connect people with boundaries and give their views about something to make other people understand or exchange opinions and understand each other’s point of view.


  • Blogging helps us keep an account of our thoughts, feelings, and our understanding at that point in time when we wrote that blog.

  • Also, blogging gives us the platform to be creative in a good sense and create different posts. Blogging allows us to think about solutions to our problems differently, which helps the whole process of life.

  • Skills such as being social, being empathetic, and conversation skills can be moved to the offline world, helping develop a person’s personality.


1)Be the proud owner of your content. Social media consists of many places to publicize our content. However, this is built on borrowed land, and as a result, there is a high amount of unpredictability as to what will happen. Hence, the most viable option is to use the blogs to contain all of your works.

2) Blogs can become the place where all the information and knowledge you have gained from the virtual sphere and the outside world can be contained. Many things can be included in this ranging from videos, podcasts to even articles or links you would want to have. Also, we can continue blogging for as many years as we can. This is because it helps to keep track of our feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

3) Gaining literacy. Through blogging, a person may gain literacy and awareness. All it takes is for one to get regular feedback from people who read the blog. Not only that but also one needs enough motivation to write a blog. Everyone knows that the interpretation of a literate person has changed in time. Many new skills are required to be learned in the 21st century. For example, digital citizenship, visual literacy, problem-solving, critical thinking, etc. How can we go over so many literacies in one day? The answer is Blogging.

4) Blogging takes out your creative side. Blogging gives us the platform to be innovative in our way. We can use creative writing for blogging our way through the net. Blogging lets people express themselves visually through themes, photography, headers, designs, etc. If we remind ourselves that blogs are just blank sketches waiting for someone to paint, we can use them to our advantage and make them into anything we like.

5) Cyber-prints or Digital footprints. These are the trails of what an individual does online. Not allowing students to post online or do anything else is harmful to their health and harms them. Blogs can be utilized in such a manner to make the digital footprints of a student positive to ensure that the student may be productive in their work.

6) Blogging teaches us so many things essential in the outside world, such as communication skills, empathy, conversation skills, etc. Blogging can educate students on manners such as politeness, how they can be mindful of others, and listen to other people’s comments. This can be ensured in a simple way, such as making sure that you reply to the people who comment on your blog, be it positive or negative, or show interest in other people by asking questions or asking for consent before posting on another person.

7) Blogging allows other skills to be talked over and accomplished by practice. These skills range from coding, research skills, keyboard shortcuts, using multimedia, etc. Hence, blogging gives rise to other skills which would not have been accomplished if the person did not blog.

8) Blogging allows bloggers to develop thinking. This happens as the bloggers write down their thoughts, which helps arrange their thinking process, develop their views, and work out what they think.

9) More target audience. In the classroom, the only spectators to see the student's efforts were the tutor and the classmates, and sometimes the student’s mother and father. Blogs give a massive audience than the classroom. This provides an approach for feedback and a chance for self-improvement. Motivation increases if students are writing something for a motive. As said by Dan Pink, “To feel motivated, students need proficiency, a motive, and independence.”[1]

10) Students have the chance to let their voices be heard when they put something online, as opposed to writing in the study hall. Students can write things about themselves, ranging from their passions to the learning which they have achieved. Since students are hard-working and passionate, they can start to feel entitled to do something in the global sphere. This takes us back again to the stage of confidence. There is a high-risk factor in putting our opinion online, but this can turn out to be advantageous for the students with the assistance.

11) In the classroom, the students’ global sphere is only limited to the four walls and the people inside them. In blogging, the classroom expands, and they are given a much more extensive view of the global sphere, which they thought was the four walls. Due to this, an awareness of apprehension and sufferance can develop among the students, which gives them the chance to learn more things than they knew before about their world.

12) Blogging is fruitful for your growth. People spend their lifetime watching social media, doing gaming, seeing videos, or anything else. Due to this, time which could be used productively is wasted. We all are human beings and need breaks between work. We could use this time to be productive and do blogging on the net, which is purposeful for our growth. Blogging lets us create subject matter for the masses, socialize as well with online people, and have fun while understanding the concepts.


Blogging is very diverse. Everything can be consolidated into it. It is of utmost importance to understand that a blog is just an instrument or a blank canvas. The implementation of that instrument or blank canvas decides if it is readable or understandable by the people who read it. Blogging provides a varied knowledge experience for students and teachers. It is not for everybody, and it takes much work to perfect it, but once you get the hang of it, you will get the honor.


[1] Dan Pink on Motivation, Dan Pink on Motivation | Daniel H. Pink, (last visited April 1, 2021)

*The Author is a 1st year B.A.LLB (Hons) student at Amity Law School, Noida, Amity University Uttar Pradesh.

Disclaimer: The opinions and views in this article are personal and independent opinions of the author. VAIDHA doesn't hold any liability arising out of this article.

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