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VAIDHA, a legal forum created by law students, is interested in providing the best to its fellow fraternity. We want to offer opportunities that we students don't easily find, and if provided, we take time to grasp and understand them. VAIDHA, in this new endeavor, would like to offer the same forsaken help of research to students through membership.


This membership will be monetized cause the idea is to provide the best of all worlds in research. The best involves masterclasses from professionals that are highly valued for upskilling in today's world. But from our end, we have tried to keep the prices optimum and have also structured them periodically so that students can utilize the maximum of this opportunity. 


The membership can be accessed all times being a personalized service; there is no particular period for starting the service. Whenever the learners are interested to learn research or want help in recruitment, they can avail the services.





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The aim of this program is to make students understand and strengthen their fundamentals of legal research also help them utilize the same in gaining opportunities for their future career prospects.


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This quarterly membership would not only provide the learners understanding of legal research and writing but also provide the much required practice to excel in the arena. Along with it the learners would also be provided with additional benefits.


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This membership program will help students in finding recruitment opportunities both internship and job. It will also assist them in the process of finding their desired opportunity by providing mentorship and guidance from professionals.


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The aim of this program is to help  students with their research paper writing and publication, we by this membership would try to help them with  services starting from finding research sources to proofreading and publishing. This plan also has additional services which can be bought individually like help in learning moot memoir writing , case commentaries and many more.


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This plan is curated to achieve long term goals of the learner providing him/her support to write a lengthy research paper of more than seven thousand or more words specifically required for publication in a high index law journal. Along with it the learners would also be provided with additional benefits.

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